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Did you know a little 4 year old girl survived after 12(!) days being alone in the woods ? You probably knew….

That traveling trough video can be cool? This one of the coolest videos I ever saw

The secret of life?



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Music loves you and hates you


Painting your room so it creates a certain vibe, warmth, professional, practical…


Feng shui to give peace and balance to your house, do not block anything. Add plants for a natural feeling and oxygen. Light for happy thoughts, have enough windows…..

And then there is music that gives the finishing touch, that atmosphere, the radio is on and wakes you up. Your cellphone has your favourite tune! When you enter your car you turn on your favourite cd, and when you relax maybe you play some tunes to. Maybe you even create music yourself.

What does this do to a person ? Cultures for example that grow up with traditional instruments and music. Party’s with live music or electronic techno parties. Music makes us feel, makes us socialize makes us have desires and dreams and memories. It makes us feel anger, joy , sadness all kinds of feelings. Music defines our countries next to the colours of our flag’s that sound that is named our national anthem we sing it proudly and makes us miss home. We say our final goodbyes guided with songs.

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa Mae

Music is everywhere, when you are waiting for the doctor to pick you up from the waiting room. In the elevator of some stores, when you are put on hold. The radio at work, or in the car. And what is silence compared to music, when silence enters our brain. Do we have silence today? Our phones bleep and our messages come in, the computer makes sounds even the car sounds like a notification from a social media when opening the door with the button. Everything is a notification a reminder….but if the silence hits, will our own brain eventually notify us again? And what will it say, let me go to a serene nature place on a island or in a cave. Maybe just a room, what will happen….Usefull thoughts and many blogs? Ideas ? Loneliness? Or will I start singing.


I will never let go music…never

Remember the movie Titanic? They say its true that they played till the last moment. Did you know the violin is found ?

Wallace Hartley his violin claimed to be authentic

Wallace Hartley his violin claimed to be authentic

Music is in our hearts and music certainly has a certain effect on us. Singing has proven to creates Endorphines in the brain that makes you happy. When I go on my bicycle or car, I put on mp3 player or the cd player. I like to listen to upbeat music when I bicycle to get me going, and if its darker outside I am more likely to listen to rock or trance. It depends of course on my mood. But I wonder in how far music effects our moods and how we perceive things. How sounds gets our brain, and silence is almost becoming rare in a “modern” society. What does it all do?

Musical psychology

Source: Wikipedia

Music helps, for example studies say that music of Mozart helps people learn. It enhances the learning part of the brain.  Music affects both left and right part of the brain.

Music psychologists investigate all aspects of musical behavior by applying methods and knowledge from all aspects of psychology. Topics of study include for example:

  • Perception of musical sounds
    • Cognitive pathways to emotional perception of music
    • Similarities to perception of vocal expression
  • Perception of sound patterns
  • Memory for music (I am myself very interested in this one, because I can still remember every lyric and feelings of memories with music very strong, which probably is very individual..but a lot of people have this experience)
  • Absolute pitch
  • everyday music listening
  • musical rituals and gatherings (religious, festive, sporting, political…) (fascinating, trough history music brought fear,joy,empowerement,entertainment,grief,what were they without music and what did music do for people)
  • the specific skills and processes involved in learning a musical instrument or singing in a choir
  • musical behaviors such as dancing and responding emotionally to music
  • development of musical behaviours and abilities throughout the lifespan
  • the role of music in forming personal and group identities
  • preferences: the reasons why we like some music genres and not others
  • Social influences on musical preference (peers, family, experts, social background, etc.)
  • the structures that we hear within music: melody, phrasing, harmony, tonality, rhythm, meter, danceability, BPM, or quasilinguistic elements such as syntax
  • the psychological processes involved in musical performance, including:
    • music reading, including eye movement in music reading
    • improvisation
    • the interpersonal/social aspects of group performance
    • the composition/arrangement of music on paper or with the aid of computers

There is so much about music and instruments and what it meant trough our civilizations and always is a strong part of us. When society collapses and wars rage the earth and would destroy most of what we know. Music will survive, music is always with us and its the most beautifull thing. What music do you like? Personally I love all kinds of music, from dub step to hip hop to classic.

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Such a magic they contain airports, they all look similar and they all look different. You have some airports with huge shopping centres, places for entertainment or airports which have not much of that. You go trough security and you are in the terminal. You can mostly shop there and eat and maybe there is a bar or some stores.

Click on image for larger image

Click on image for larger image

People going everywhere, people waiting everywhere, searching on and off. Some are stressed and almost about to miss their flights, others are relaxed and going on a holiday. This is especially noticable in Hawai, everybody is mostly relaxed and happy coming in and going out.

You got to give it to them, who? Them…they who keep the magic happening and making sure the airport runs as a well oiled machine which of course is not always the case but that is impossible with a business as is the airport business. People complain are stressed even when they are at fault and the airport employee’s got to stay calm and nice. Mostly airport employee’s are and they are patience and willing to help if you treat them like you want to be treated yourself. One airport employee of a certain airline in particular I want to give credits for! So RG if you read this you just got credits….!


Click on image for larger image

I loved to watch a program about a airline called Airline (mysterious title!) its from the airline called Easyjet (I flew with them once to the UK) and you could see how passengers not always are at their best. Rough day probably, not that airline employee’s are always at their best. At the end of the day we are all people. If you like a short video of how people can get sometimes its under here one episode of Airline.

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World war 2 and its souvenirs

Netherlands Kinderdijk Windmill Museum

World war 2 everybody knows what happened and it was not pretty. All over Europe there are monuments and reminders of the world war 2. Every year with my elementary school we would visit the graves for the fallen soldiers and also the British soldiers to honour them. Bunkers that remain and some are used as museums. Like Kornwerderzand in the Netherlands. Older people are trying to maintain it and keep it open in the summer for tourist. Its a real cheap entrance fee
(It used to be free then again its hard to get by) but they mainly live of donations.

Kornwerderzand bunkers

Kornwerderzand bunkers

When you enter the bunkers you can see how they lived where they ate and slept. You can walk up the very narrow steel ladders and look trough a tiny hole that was for the watch guards. And there is just alot to see like guns and storage rooms and another bunker etc. I used to go there when I was way younger with my family and as a kid its nice to play around to.

One of the guns

One of the guns

The thing that touched me the most in those bunkers was the story of a young man and his helmet. The dutch helmet has a logo/weapon of the Netherlands on the front its a lion. And this young man wrote a letter to his parents, but before the letter arrived he was shot trough the head. You see the logo was a weakspot of the helmet and the bullet went trough. His letter is on the wall and you can read it. It gave me a weird feeling like how must that be for the family and for him to write that letter not knowing that it would never be delivered.

The helmet

The helmet

Occasionaly in the Netherlands and other countries they find still intact bombs in the ground or water and just randomly around. Like recently they found a bomb in Deventer in that case the bomb squad has to come and detonate them in a safe place. Which is for some people of course a spectacle to watch and I would watch myself to if I was near.
Like in this  short movie I posted in this blog right under here, I am sorry for the Dutch it tells them there was a bomb found in Schiphol and some flights got delayed because of this. At 1:10 they are detonating the bomb and the area is a little bit safer again. Every year there are still bombs found and for a lot of present wars still or past wars.

I prefer souvenirs that I can eat or put on my keychain. But hey you dont always get what you want…you get what you need….maybe thats the wrong expression. Home sweet home….After the rain, there comes sunshine…..

I think we shine after all this war not bad, lets keep the peace and make peace in the world. One world ! One love ! One internet ! One sun ! One moon ! One one ! One and only you !

My conclusion: Respect to the fallen soldiers and victims of the war

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The journey started in Amsterdam, meeting up with my close friend in Detroit to move almost directly on to the next flight that would lead us to Japan – Tokyo airport Narita.

Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam airport

My friend and I were seated far apart, so finally when I exited the plane she said: Welcome to Japan. Strange to be in Japan but it was just a transit so I dont really feel that I was in Japan and officially I have not been to Japan on paper. But seeing the airport and the Japanese signs and the people was the first taste of Asia. Which was for me very awesome. Japanese people are apparently and of course that is known, fashionable I love the clothes. Not everything would be my style but it suits them.

We had to wait for a couple of hours and we browsed around the little stores and at the Mc Donalds (Its everywhere I tell you! You cant run ! You cant hide ! The big mac is coming for you!) a American came back and said are you sure this is large? The cups are way smaller compared to America and I forgot, in Hawai I could not carry my Dr Pepper large anymore and this is the result maybe it was on CNN a Dr Pepper flood:


Dr Pepper everywhere

And that picture is just a little bit of the damage but for trauma protection I would not post the rest 😉 ( Or I just make sucky pictures and I dont want to post it) the whole floor was a ocean of Dr Pepper. I think I washed away a few Hawaians I apologize trough this blog.
I like American cups/buckets way better! So stingy in Europe and apparently in Asia to!


So finally it was time to go into the plane onto Singapore and we landed at night. It was so hot, the first time I experience Asian heat. And it was night! I was so curious thinking what would happen to me the next day, will I melt into a puddle? I did not! It started to rain and we went into a shopping mall. Singapore is like New York but way cleaner and of course hotter. I prefer heat even though it takes a while to get used to it, in the time I was there I could not really adapt jet but I felt that it went better everyday. But change of clothes and lots of showers is neccesary. Because I flew many hours from Amsterdam to Detroit and on to Japan flapping our metal wings to Singapore there was much needed sleep going on.



Singapore was to short but from my experience I can say its expensive and its shopping heaven. And I like the vibe of the people so far doing their things and being on their way. And its nice and clean and there is diversity which is always a good thing!


Monkey in Padang

Monkey in Padang


Padang in west Sumatra

Padang is so different from Singapore, it is in west Sumatra Indonesia.  I noticed the flow of traffic and I have to say I like the pace of the traffic immediatly when we were in the taxi. Thinking that if I drove myself I would have probably be a little scared. Especially since in Indonesia they drive on the other side of the road. Again I arrived in a mystery of the darkness that is called night. So I did not see much, you know how curious that makes a person? Being in a country first time at night ? But then again I was tired.

We arrived at very nice and good people I stayed with my friends family, and they were very welcoming. I drank a hot tea and it was very good Indonesian tea or teh is what they say. We went sleeping very soon because we were so tired of our travels. I slept and the prayer of the mosque woke me up very early, I listened to it with fascinating ears and went sleeping again. After that it never woke me up again. During the day it gave me a good feeling when the prayer starts of where I was and when I got used to it its actually a relaxing routine somehow at times. I cant understand it and I cant explain why but it was.

In Padang not many white people come, they are there of course but because its not very touristic not so much as would be in other places like for example Bali. So being very tall and white I stood out. People wanted to see me or talk to me they were curious, it is very nice because people take the time to get to know you a little and that is for me good because I like to get to know people a little bit to and their stories young and old. I speak a little bit of Indonesian and I got around okay with speaking to people. One day my friends father had a bicycle in a room. I commented on it and he said do you want to bicycle and I said well..if it works…YES!!!! And he got it out and it is a good bike the tires were strong and it was good to go! I was bicycling in Indonesia!!! The big white Orang Belanda on the bicycle. Orang Belanda is Dutch, and for example Orang Amerika is American. Orang Belanda/Dutch have a history with Indonesians because of the colonisation. For example about thousands of words are Dutch words. Like handuk (handdoek) is towel in Dutch and Indonesian its written a little different but its the same. I will write a blog about it in the future.

Me trying to swim in Padang

Me trying to swim in Padang

So anyway I went bicycling around the neighbourhood (And I keep forgetting that I should be on the other side of the street) and a woman called out for me in English she wants to know where I am from and offers me food to try and says ill show you my house. Her name is Yanti she went on the back of the bicycle and in that heat and thinking why the heck not, I pushed the pedals and went for it. I was a waterfall by then of sweat but it did not matter. I loved bicycling it made me feel mobile and in the Netherlands everybody bicycles (even the rich man with the Porsche, everybody bicycles….) I tried some food and I went back to take a shower…many showers. I broke my record of daily showers.

Trying some food!

Trying some food!

I loved so much food over there and so much I liked and found interesting I will blog about it more and I hope you enjoy 🙂 But I can say I really like the peoples approach to strangers so far.

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That is new for me…lets see

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The magic of traveling


About 2,5 weeks ago I went traveling with my close friend…to see Indonesia

It all started at my original hometown (Not the first hometown I have but the one I lived the longest) Assen – The Netherlands a very small city but there is alot to do actually. The link to the website is Dutch but here is a tip you can use Google translate to translate complete websites for you!  Anyway I took the train to Amsterdam to Schiphol airport.

I met some people and the train employees were nice I needed to use the pay phone but it was destroyed by vandalism. The employee let me use his phone and they were very helpfull. Those little things I appreciate and give me little smiles that I can chew on. Also a older woman who came from my area who visited her daughter and it was like we knew eachother I felt comfortable.

There is a certain magic about airports and trains etcetera everybody needs to get to a destination it seems people understand all the mindsets and are willing to help. Not everybody of course but I focus on the ones that do.

Because of some full flights I was stuck for 3 nights in Hawai and 2 of those nights I had to call the airport of Honolulu my home. (Home..that is very dramaticly said) I had a big home! Luckily that is not my home I mean walking from the living room (the benches I used) to the toilet took me 10 minutes! I need a foldable segway….

If I wanted to go outside and back in I needed to go trough security ( If my home had that, I feel safe but I think strong big dogs will suffice to. Also taking of my shoes and belt and being padded is not my hobby , unless it was a massage but that would be weird.)

The point to all this is, that I got to talk to alot of people, some employees who showed me pictures of snow in Hawai on the mountain, I did not expect that. Or a employee that showed me proudly his pidgeons, I dont know how that happend but it happend. And a Chinese woman who visited Belgium (the country I live now). And many more. It is very nice to hear where people go and what they do, and where they come from. This is what I love about traveling. The road to wherever you go you will meet travelers and that always for me is interesting. I also made a new friend from Texas on Hawai we shared some drinks and we are going to meet up again in England which is very nice!

Some groovy dancing going on, wild and crazy!!! I try to film a bit with my iPod sorry for the quality and movement and dont break those legs guys! 😉

I will share my stories about Asia and the people soon. They are very nice people and hospitable 🙂 I hope you keep checking

Hawai from above

Hawai from above

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