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We are all on drugs

Studies have shown that the brain of a gamer is using the same pattern as an addict: A new brain scan study shows not only can that be the case, but also that Internet addiction might cause the same brain … Continue reading

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There is more then Google….Google it ;)

Google..Google…Google…    lets Google it ! That is what we say, Google is one of the top search engines….It is a catchy name Google uses effective algorithms etc etc.  So for example let us google the best search machine in Google … Continue reading

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Growing up with the internet

Growing up with the Internet now and then When I was about 12 or so we had internet. Trough the phone line, I had to login into the internet! Not all of my friends had internet it was kind of … Continue reading

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Super Mario fishtank

Super Mario Aquarium   Even though I am not such a big Super Mario player, I think everyone has played this game though…. This specific person must be a big fan! A very creative aquarium! What people do and make, it … Continue reading

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