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We are all on drugs

Studies have shown that the brain of a gamer is using the same pattern as an addict: A new brain scan study shows not only can that be the case, but also that Internet addiction might cause the same brain … Continue reading

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A crazy dive into the internet

I browse to the last page: A Italian man is going to live on a iceberg in Greenland next spring for a year to raise the discussion about global warming and to have an adventure… People comment on how he … Continue reading

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Such a magic they contain airports, they all look similar and they all look different. You have some airports with huge shopping centres, places for entertainment or airports which have not much of that. You go trough security and you … Continue reading

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The magic of traveling

Asia About 2,5 weeks ago I went traveling with my close friend…to see Indonesia It all started at my original hometown (Not the first hometown I have but the one I lived the longest) Assen – The Netherlands a very … Continue reading

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Growing up with the internet

Growing up with the Internet now and then When I was about 12 or so we had internet. Trough the phone line, I had to login into the internet! Not all of my friends had internet it was kind of … Continue reading

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I Cannot Simply Be

I Cannot Simply Be.

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