About me

Hi my name is Elly de Klein and I am 29 years. I am from the Netherlands where I grew up. I used to live in Belgium, now I am back in the Netherlands again. I lived in Amsterdam for a year. And I traveled here and there.

I am open-minded curious and fascinated by people and the world. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand. Also I learned to play Ukulele, I love it!

I like to create and especially I love to create sillyness, this can be expressed in the form of comics, stories or videos. No hate intended toward any person or group, if you feel otherwise please contact me. I would love to know how you feel about my blogs.


3 Responses to About

  1. ellythewelly says:

    I think I e-mailed you when I meant to comment… ooopps!!!
    Anyway I have nominated you for an award!!! YAY!!! 😀

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