Refugee children integrate well!

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Good news falls between the cracks of bad news and sensation news. This confirms what I say about refugees. So here is a Dutch page front news update from a well known site in the Netherlands:

Children of asylum seekers nineties integrate well

Published: March 7, 2017 03:58 Last updated: March 7, 2017 07:36

The children of the one hundred thousand asylum seekers from countries such as Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Iran that were allowed to stay in the Netherlands in the second half of the nineties, are pretty well integrated.

According to a publication of the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) A Matter of Time? , which was released Tuesday.

The center under the Ministry of Security and Justice and examined how the 96,000 asylum seekers fared who settled in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and the former Yugoslavia in the Netherlands during that period.

Despite the short stay of their parents in the Netherlands, these children do well in school. They perform better than other non-Western students, mostly children of migrant workers, but less well than native students. This applies to both primary and secondary education.

The biggest problems in this group, unemployment and social isolation. Especially older asylum seekers are vulnerable: they have fewer jobs, faster layoffs and are often socially isolated.


If you do go to the site, there is a short video about the immigration process in the Netherlands (in Dutch).


I know that well or positive news can be interpreted in a lot of ways. But the fact it was front page news is good. We need more positive, stronger news. Good news needs to happen ten times before it beats one bad report. But news media are reluctant to give special attention to it , they want to play it safe…$$$


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