Trumpeteer (Scrolling excercise! WoO! Get those muscly fingers you always wanted!)

Felt to share, I have been saving up a couple of pictures. And just had to urge to share it. I love America, I love American people. I do not say all the images are true but sometimes its funny and sometimes  it makes you think. And thats all the trumpetting I will do.

Thanks to the 9GAG app








Again I love America and American people…I do not love Trump. But so far I feel he is just going from worse to less worse. Lets just hope it is true that he is not trying to go all dictator on us. One world we have, only one.


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Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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