Music loves you and hates you


Painting your room so it creates a certain vibe, warmth, professional, practical…


Feng shui to give peace and balance to your house, do not block anything. Add plants for a natural feeling and oxygen. Light for happy thoughts, have enough windows…..

And then there is music that gives the finishing touch, that atmosphere, the radio is on and wakes you up. Your cellphone has your favourite tune! When you enter your car you turn on your favourite cd, and when you relax maybe you play some tunes to. Maybe you even create music yourself.

What does this do to a person ? Cultures for example that grow up with traditional instruments and music. Party’s with live music or electronic techno parties. Music makes us feel, makes us socialize makes us have desires and dreams and memories. It makes us feel anger, joy , sadness all kinds of feelings. Music defines our countries next to the colours of our flag’s that sound that is named our national anthem we sing it proudly and makes us miss home. We say our final goodbyes guided with songs.

Vanessa Mae

Vanessa Mae

Music is everywhere, when you are waiting for the doctor to pick you up from the waiting room. In the elevator of some stores, when you are put on hold. The radio at work, or in the car. And what is silence compared to music, when silence enters our brain. Do we have silence today? Our phones bleep and our messages come in, the computer makes sounds even the car sounds like a notification from a social media when opening the door with the button. Everything is a notification a reminder….but if the silence hits, will our own brain eventually notify us again? And what will it say, let me go to a serene nature place on a island or in a cave. Maybe just a room, what will happen….Usefull thoughts and many blogs? Ideas ? Loneliness? Or will I start singing.


I will never let go music…never

Remember the movie Titanic? They say its true that they played till the last moment. Did you know the violin is found ?

Wallace Hartley his violin claimed to be authentic

Wallace Hartley his violin claimed to be authentic

Music is in our hearts and music certainly has a certain effect on us. Singing has proven to creates Endorphines in the brain that makes you happy. When I go on my bicycle or car, I put on mp3 player or the cd player. I like to listen to upbeat music when I bicycle to get me going, and if its darker outside I am more likely to listen to rock or trance. It depends of course on my mood. But I wonder in how far music effects our moods and how we perceive things. How sounds gets our brain, and silence is almost becoming rare in a “modern” society. What does it all do?

Musical psychology

Source: Wikipedia

Music helps, for example studies say that music of Mozart helps people learn. It enhances the learning part of the brain.  Music affects both left and right part of the brain.

Music psychologists investigate all aspects of musical behavior by applying methods and knowledge from all aspects of psychology. Topics of study include for example:

  • Perception of musical sounds
    • Cognitive pathways to emotional perception of music
    • Similarities to perception of vocal expression
  • Perception of sound patterns
  • Memory for music (I am myself very interested in this one, because I can still remember every lyric and feelings of memories with music very strong, which probably is very individual..but a lot of people have this experience)
  • Absolute pitch
  • everyday music listening
  • musical rituals and gatherings (religious, festive, sporting, political…) (fascinating, trough history music brought fear,joy,empowerement,entertainment,grief,what were they without music and what did music do for people)
  • the specific skills and processes involved in learning a musical instrument or singing in a choir
  • musical behaviors such as dancing and responding emotionally to music
  • development of musical behaviours and abilities throughout the lifespan
  • the role of music in forming personal and group identities
  • preferences: the reasons why we like some music genres and not others
  • Social influences on musical preference (peers, family, experts, social background, etc.)
  • the structures that we hear within music: melody, phrasing, harmony, tonality, rhythm, meter, danceability, BPM, or quasilinguistic elements such as syntax
  • the psychological processes involved in musical performance, including:
    • music reading, including eye movement in music reading
    • improvisation
    • the interpersonal/social aspects of group performance
    • the composition/arrangement of music on paper or with the aid of computers

There is so much about music and instruments and what it meant trough our civilizations and always is a strong part of us. When society collapses and wars rage the earth and would destroy most of what we know. Music will survive, music is always with us and its the most beautifull thing. What music do you like? Personally I love all kinds of music, from dub step to hip hop to classic.


About Elly

Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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