World war 2 and its souvenirs

Netherlands Kinderdijk Windmill Museum

World war 2 everybody knows what happened and it was not pretty. All over Europe there are monuments and reminders of the world war 2. Every year with my elementary school we would visit the graves for the fallen soldiers and also the British soldiers to honour them. Bunkers that remain and some are used as museums. Like Kornwerderzand in the Netherlands. Older people are trying to maintain it and keep it open in the summer for tourist. Its a real cheap entrance fee
(It used to be free then again its hard to get by) but they mainly live of donations.

Kornwerderzand bunkers

Kornwerderzand bunkers

When you enter the bunkers you can see how they lived where they ate and slept. You can walk up the very narrow steel ladders and look trough a tiny hole that was for the watch guards. And there is just alot to see like guns and storage rooms and another bunker etc. I used to go there when I was way younger with my family and as a kid its nice to play around to.

One of the guns

One of the guns

The thing that touched me the most in those bunkers was the story of a young man and his helmet. The dutch helmet has a logo/weapon of the Netherlands on the front its a lion. And this young man wrote a letter to his parents, but before the letter arrived he was shot trough the head. You see the logo was a weakspot of the helmet and the bullet went trough. His letter is on the wall and you can read it. It gave me a weird feeling like how must that be for the family and for him to write that letter not knowing that it would never be delivered.

The helmet

The helmet

Occasionaly in the Netherlands and other countries they find still intact bombs in the ground or water and just randomly around. Like recently they found a bomb in Deventer in that case the bomb squad has to come and detonate them in a safe place. Which is for some people of course a spectacle to watch and I would watch myself to if I was near.
Like in this  short movie I posted in this blog right under here, I am sorry for the Dutch it tells them there was a bomb found in Schiphol and some flights got delayed because of this. At 1:10 they are detonating the bomb and the area is a little bit safer again. Every year there are still bombs found and for a lot of present wars still or past wars.

I prefer souvenirs that I can eat or put on my keychain. But hey you dont always get what you want…you get what you need….maybe thats the wrong expression. Home sweet home….After the rain, there comes sunshine…..

I think we shine after all this war not bad, lets keep the peace and make peace in the world. One world ! One love ! One internet ! One sun ! One moon ! One one ! One and only you !

My conclusion: Respect to the fallen soldiers and victims of the war


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