Such a magic they contain airports, they all look similar and they all look different. You have some airports with huge shopping centres, places for entertainment or airports which have not much of that. You go trough security and you are in the terminal. You can mostly shop there and eat and maybe there is a bar or some stores.

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People going everywhere, people waiting everywhere, searching on and off. Some are stressed and almost about to miss their flights, others are relaxed and going on a holiday. This is especially noticable in Hawai, everybody is mostly relaxed and happy coming in and going out.

You got to give it to them, who? Them…they who keep the magic happening and making sure the airport runs as a well oiled machine which of course is not always the case but that is impossible with a business as is the airport business. People complain are stressed even when they are at fault and the airport employee’s got to stay calm and nice. Mostly airport employee’s are and they are patience and willing to help if you treat them like you want to be treated yourself. One airport employee of a certain airline in particular I want to give credits for! So RG if you read this you just got credits….!


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I loved to watch a program about a airline called Airline (mysterious title!) its from the airline called Easyjet (I flew with them once to the UK) and you could see how passengers not always are at their best. Rough day probably, not that airline employee’s are always at their best. At the end of the day we are all people. If you like a short video of how people can get sometimes its under here one episode of Airline.


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