The magic of traveling


About 2,5 weeks ago I went traveling with my close friend…to see Indonesia

It all started at my original hometown (Not the first hometown I have but the one I lived the longest) Assen – The Netherlands a very small city but there is alot to do actually. The link to the website is Dutch but here is a tip you can use Google translate to translate complete websites for you!  Anyway I took the train to Amsterdam to Schiphol airport.

I met some people and the train employees were nice I needed to use the pay phone but it was destroyed by vandalism. The employee let me use his phone and they were very helpfull. Those little things I appreciate and give me little smiles that I can chew on. Also a older woman who came from my area who visited her daughter and it was like we knew eachother I felt comfortable.

There is a certain magic about airports and trains etcetera everybody needs to get to a destination it seems people understand all the mindsets and are willing to help. Not everybody of course but I focus on the ones that do.

Because of some full flights I was stuck for 3 nights in Hawai and 2 of those nights I had to call the airport of Honolulu my home. (Home..that is very dramaticly said) I had a big home! Luckily that is not my home I mean walking from the living room (the benches I used) to the toilet took me 10 minutes! I need a foldable segway….

If I wanted to go outside and back in I needed to go trough security ( If my home had that, I feel safe but I think strong big dogs will suffice to. Also taking of my shoes and belt and being padded is not my hobby , unless it was a massage but that would be weird.)

The point to all this is, that I got to talk to alot of people, some employees who showed me pictures of snow in Hawai on the mountain, I did not expect that. Or a employee that showed me proudly his pidgeons, I dont know how that happend but it happend. And a Chinese woman who visited Belgium (the country I live now). And many more. It is very nice to hear where people go and what they do, and where they come from. This is what I love about traveling. The road to wherever you go you will meet travelers and that always for me is interesting. I also made a new friend from Texas on Hawai we shared some drinks and we are going to meet up again in England which is very nice!

Some groovy dancing going on, wild and crazy!!! I try to film a bit with my iPod sorry for the quality and movement and dont break those legs guys! 😉

I will share my stories about Asia and the people soon. They are very nice people and hospitable 🙂 I hope you keep checking

Hawai from above

Hawai from above


About Elly

Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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4 Responses to The magic of traveling

  1. Asia is indeed a great place to visit…I love indulging my Asian side of ethnicity by eating the various Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, etc…cuisines–in a restaurant or street food!

    • I believe so 😀 I loved the street vendors smells of baking and cooking everywhere and especially the sate, you like sate ? You have had alot of food which one would be your favourite Asian food you think?

      • That is a rather difficult question! I would say this Taiwanese “burrito” from an old mom & pop stand in Shinlin night market if Taipei, TW. It has bean curd, veggies, and peanut powder to give it a “saté” taste—but veg style !

      • Burrito sounds good ! 🙂 Late reply , thank you for commenting, say did you ever eat Rendang?

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