Growing up with the internet

Growing up with the Internet now and then

When I was about 12 or so we had internet. Trough the phone line, I had to login into the internet! Not all of my friends had internet it was kind of rare to have it. First we had Hetnet, a free service (except for phone costs) that would let us go on .nl domains only so this means Dutch websites only. This is how I first discovered chatting. I went to a website named the Rabobank jongeren chat. It means the Rabobank youth chat. I did not even knew chat excisted so I typed my name in a form and hit the enter button. Another field to fill in text….okay…I typed my name again….and suddenly on the screen I saw: Hello Elly. I was surprised, I thought lets try type something again and I typed is this a computer replying to me? And they said no. I said you are a real person? They said yes, I started wondering and asking where they were from etc. And then I realised it was real ! I was ecstatic ! I wanted to scream and tell the world!

As fast as I coud I ran to my sister and telling that I was talking to real people…on the computer!!! I was addicted to chatting for a long time. My nickname later was Flubber, the character from a Disney movie that was populair back then.

Flubber the movie

Flubber the movie

Internet would cost just as much as a local phone call so it became kind off expensive to go on for hours and hours. Internet was so special and still a whole discovery. Finally we moved onto the world wide web. Which was crazy, remembering the first time where should we go? What website? What adress? Together me and my family we looked in the tv guide for a internet adres, the royal house of the Netherlands was the first website I believe we visited. Later we bought a little book in the bookstore with adresses, and I also remembering using for searching websites, I wonder if it still excists…*click* and yes! It still does!!!

Kids grow up with a bottle of milk and a cord of ethernet


Kids nowadays grow up with tablets and smart phones, all those apps, social media and sounds. Ring here, bleep there, status bar filled on that game. Apps apps apps ! I wonder what that does to a young mind. Sometimes I wonder if appreciation of the world gets lost with all that staring at the screen and desire to film everything thats done. Where is the pure memory? The thing I wonder is if people are so used to having something on them, and especially growing up with phones and alerts and reminders and apps. Being alone in silence must be a struggle sometimes! Alot of memories are made with one hand up (the filming hand) I dont know if thats bad, but young minds get faster and more adaptive. I think we evolve really quick or get dependant to fast on machines. I dont know but my mind is on it once and a while. But I am very happy with my smartphone (Samsung galaxy s2) and my iPod,however my iPod holds a sentimental value to me and once I dive into the iPod I can relive good and bad memories…..strange how devices can attach to me…but hey I am a computer-geek! But I must say I cant resist to film alot of stuff, when I was plainspotting in Maine or in the Netherlands together with my mom ( Yeah my mom and me are living on the edge!!!!) or filming a random walk in town. Maybe ill put some up here….I think I am so merged in the video-culture….I dont know if thats good! ( I just filmed myself typing this…:p ) *

But I am happy with all the beautifull footage and all the filming, so I must show you something that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, only that referral to plane spotting, here is a little girl who spotted a train!!!

* Just kidding

About Elly

Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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