Maine is a state of the United states of America…..a lot of people but way more forest,mountains and woods then people. Stephen King comes from around here, I had the luck in my previous visit to make a picture of the house, which is not hard at all you can even ring the door bell if you want to. But I did not want to, what would I say..BOoooOOO?!?! And then say take that for scaring me with your books! … Hmm I should should I not ? (I feel a poll coming up!!!)


I am visiting Maine for the third time now as a European from a small lil country, and I find the nature being real nature full of bears and dragons and coyotes fascinating for the wildest my country holds is a hog and maby a crazy water rat and whatnot. I filmed while I was sitting outside listening to the cotoyes talk about the latest gossip:

The first visit I even got lost but that was pure stupidity, I went for a stroll and was filming at the same time in the winter.
I was to relaxed and twirling and twisting and filming 360 degrees which got me desorientated and I did not think really of being able to get lost. So after a hour of walking I realised I was lost, and after a hour of realising I could not get unlost I texted for help, luckily I had reach on my phone and I was found before the hungry bears ate me (…….I barely survived…./sarcasm off) I was like:

But I survived

Also what is it with me and those abandoned wooden houses, I will go on a picture hunt of those houses and show you what I mean , sometimes it looks like they come straight out of horror movies and just kinda tease my curiosity sometimes, I want to look inside but then again I dont….its a double feeling.


About Elly

Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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2 Responses to Maine

  1. riniguay says:

    Not a bad of adventure for a new comer in Maine intriguing outdoor! I was happy you did not hurt yourself. Looking forward for more adventures with you!

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