Climate psychology

Cultural climate

Hey how are you doing today? Well, it has been grey and depressing all day, I cant get inspired the rain just makes it so sad today! I know how you feel….I hate the rain!

No I dont, I love the rain it relaxes me, it can be a hassle sometimes to make sure you dont get sick in the rain but I just love it……

I rather have the sun, it makes me relaxed…

Oh no, I cant stand heat it makes me aggrivated and cranky…

So I wonder how much affect growing up in a rainy area like England has on a persons evolvement and characters, or the burning heat in the middle Eastern. The extreme cold in Russia and the island breeze in Jamaica. I think alot of people would have conclusions and thoughts on it. Some effects must hold positives and negatives both, its hard to say everybody reacts different and you cant base a whole crowd of peoples behaviour on how hard the sun shines or the rain falls. But it can has some effect on universal behaviour. For example if I go on vacation in a very hot country and everything goes wrong so I have to arrange alot of things, people are not cooperating the way I like etc etc etc, the heat could get to me and I will snap soon. From this you can base maby that people from extremely hot countries in desert area’s are quicker to burst out. On the other hand it shows how well they acclimatise and just take it a step slower.

This has a name,  this research this way of psychology, but I cant seem to find it, I will get back to it…
Then I wonder how does colour affect the mind , being in the snow everything is always white, being in the sand its always sandy, etc etc..

I myself grow up in a seasonal country, but with lots of rain where I am from people are realistic and look clearly at things, no real dreamers just be yourself then you are crazy enough as it is they say. Is the rain doing this to us ? 😉



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Elly from the Netherlands born and raised. Exploring and interacting is in the blood. Patience and curiousity are in the heart. And my keyboard is in my hand.
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