Refugee children integrate well!

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Good news falls between the cracks of bad news and sensation news. This confirms what I say about refugees. So here is a Dutch page front news update from a well known site in the Netherlands:

Children of asylum seekers nineties integrate well

Published: March 7, 2017 03:58 Last updated: March 7, 2017 07:36

The children of the one hundred thousand asylum seekers from countries such as Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Iran that were allowed to stay in the Netherlands in the second half of the nineties, are pretty well integrated.

According to a publication of the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) A Matter of Time? , which was released Tuesday.

The center under the Ministry of Security and Justice and examined how the 96,000 asylum seekers fared who settled in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and the former Yugoslavia in the Netherlands during that period.

Despite the short stay of their parents in the Netherlands, these children do well in school. They perform better than other non-Western students, mostly children of migrant workers, but less well than native students. This applies to both primary and secondary education.

The biggest problems in this group, unemployment and social isolation. Especially older asylum seekers are vulnerable: they have fewer jobs, faster layoffs and are often socially isolated.


If you do go to the site, there is a short video about the immigration process in the Netherlands (in Dutch).


I know that well or positive news can be interpreted in a lot of ways. But the fact it was front page news is good. We need more positive, stronger news. Good news needs to happen ten times before it beats one bad report. But news media are reluctant to give special attention to it , they want to play it safe…$$$

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I love Americans no matter what Trump does. Statistically you are all good :)

Because he, or even Obama (which all of Europe supported of course) do not represent all Americans. People are people, and same goes for middle eastern people or any country.

This is also a message for people who are so afraid of Islam and refugees.

It is so so so incredibly hard for people to not generalize, a friend of mine once said u guys all smoke weed don’t you (The Netherlands, Amsterdam). I said we do not, actually the rumor is we smoke less then any other country. So she looked up statistics. I said statistics are not always true, but it is an indicator sometimes she responded.

Okay, I agree it could indicate things. Though how is it researched, how many people , how many regions. But then again, it is registered here how much is sold because it is like a store so there are records of sales.


When I was teenager I must admit, for a while I was thinking I was anti Muslim, because my first experience with a Muslim man was not good. I was young (at the time feeling slightly feminist) we were in a classroom to hear about the reintegration project course. He was around 40 I was around 16. He got pissed and stormed off, he would not shake the woman her hand or be informed by a woman.

That was not the only negative experience I had. But I got wiser, I got to know people. And I rejected my thoughts as soon as I heard racist calling out on everyone wearing a vail when we drove in a car. I was with a friend and her brother and her parents in that car. I got so angry!

Trough out that time I spoke to many Muslim women and also men. Mostly from Iran and Iraq. I worked also together a lot with a Muslim girl of my own age in that time. And actually it was very nice and I learned about the vail. For example it was her own choice her mother did not even wear one. All kinds of things that shed light for me on the case. Later I learned that there are so many forms of Islam. And most men I did meet, did shake my hand with no problem at all 🙂

What I mean to say , its hard to differentiate Pakistan from Uzbekistan from Iraq to Iran. But they are different. If we put all Europeans and Americans in a room its hard to see the difference… But don’t tell me I am the exact same as French or Americans. I am not. We are not. There are more religions in the middle east, different types of interpretations of the Islam.


In Gent Belgium, there was a service in a catholic cathedral for Islam,Jews,and Catholics 🙂

And statistically there are many Muslims in America and Europe who did not hurt one fly, they even might have helped a fly.

I know its easy to say hey but they come in with a bomb, it only needs to be one!

But we let ISIS (why name them ISIS anyway?) win, they laugh they enjoy this, fear is the worst counselor. So put things in perspective please.

Americans do not all walk in schools and shoot people, Dutch do not all smoke weed, French do not always surrender 😉  Chinese are not stingy. These people do not represent the majority.


And besides from a racist point of view, keep your friends close but your enemies closer!

We have one world lets try to take care of it, and don’t forget there are people who are just like you who wants to be happy and live a life safely. And do not want to bomb everything. Some give up their whole life to go to for example Europe and America , risk their life to try to get to a better destination. Nobody wants to travel thousands miles to a different country with such insecurities. And then end up bombing the place. There are easier ways.


I know the people sound like naive tree hugging hippies sometimes, but if all Muslims were so bad…do you know how many there are ? We would have been crushed already. Plus I rather be crushed keeping my morals intact then let it be run by fear. The terrorist fuel.


Fear is what kept the holocaust in stance. I do agree that there are limits and some extra security rules needed. But I could imagine an uptight racist that never met a foreigner watching football with an Iranian and having fun and a friendship. It is possible.

The more work, the more rich, the richer the country to…and refugees are the most hardest working people ever.

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Trumpeteer (Scrolling excercise! WoO! Get those muscly fingers you always wanted!)

Felt to share, I have been saving up a couple of pictures. And just had to urge to share it. I love America, I love American people. I do not say all the images are true but sometimes its funny and sometimes  it makes you think. And thats all the trumpetting I will do.

Thanks to the 9GAG app








Again I love America and American people…I do not love Trump. But so far I feel he is just going from worse to less worse. Lets just hope it is true that he is not trying to go all dictator on us. One world we have, only one.

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We are all on drugs


Studies have shown that the brain of a gamer is using the same pattern as an addict:

A new brain scan study shows not only can that be the case, but also that Internet addiction might cause the same brain changes that are seen in alcoholics and drug addicts.

Source CBS News

A new study finds changes in brain regions associated with addiction in frequent video gaming teenagers. But the findings raise questions about whether such research is really relevant to the understanding of true addiction

Source Time

Whether it is true or not, I see many people playing  Clash of Clans in the train. Or overhearing a conversation from a business man…..I need to check on my farm!!!! And I see him take out his tablet and playing Hayday….

A friend of mine could not resist to pay some money for some extra options in a “free” game. And I also have been weak to do something similar. But I did enjoy it at the time so where is the harm in that? Of course there is a limit within a reason

I think it is a form of addiction but the withdrawal is just not bad, we adapt easy. Sometimes people think how could we have lived without internet? Easy ! Just don’t ! You will find your adaptive skills are still there. You can use a map just as easy as a GPS…okay…with the added bickering of taking a wrong turn….it has its charms doesn’t it ? *shivers*

However the new generation has not lived without internet, what is this…map thing you talk off? That is what they say ! With the rise of technology and its speed of progress, 25 year old people already feel old. I feel ancient.

This is a kick post 🙂 I got many drafts just working on a different domain and website at the time that has not launched yet.

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Religion makes bad people more bad

And good people more good. Is this true? It does make sense, someone with no religion said this…I saw it on tv….

It sounds so sensible…

Though I wish there was a euphorists or…happyorist :p instead of terrorists..hundred people run in at the same time at a big gathering forcing hugs upon everyone. Not that that makes me happy per see…I would run…

It sounds better to me though 🙂 Should we all be more extreme on the opposite of things? 

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Give eachother energy


I am not the biggest TV watcher but I have to say I like this commercial, it is simple from an Energy company who is saying in the 40 seconds video this (unfortunately in Dutch) :

Sometimes you have to turn something off before you can turn the other on. Like just being together and seeing the world with your eyes. Give each other Energy

The biggest energy source of life and joy is us 🙂 you.

Just wanted to share that with the world.

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There is more then Google….Google it ;)


Google..Google...Google…    lets Google it ! That is what we say, Google is one of the top search engines….It is a catchy name Google uses effective algorithms etc etc.  So for example let us google the best search machine in Google itself…….

What I get on my screen in a quick mini research, is that DuckDuckGo seems to be very effective and also not tracking you. So if you are Googling, was the moonlanding real? You wont have to worry about being captured by NASA……

oh god….what is that? WHAT IS THAT ?!??!! O… pfffew relief…its just someone playing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cirus outside…scary stuff…I thought that was illegal..anyway no NASA at my door…pfew…

So let me just try Googling the best song ever on both of them….





My face x2

My face x2

Googling and DuckDuckGo-ing the sexiest person alive…..

Apparently this is Chris Hemsworth…..according to both search engines….and of course I go look for the first page only….go Google…Duck…eh..Bing? it yourself if you want to know what he looks like. It is certainly not my cup of tea!

To come back to Google did you know Google Scholar ? It is an academic version of Google…so that seems pretty interesting. This is just a small example of raising awareness that there is more out there to search with. Keep searching for those searches because who knows what you might find. ;) is a good one to!

So I just googled on Google Scholar (Which I recently discovered..)  Did the moon landing really happened?

Hold on…the doorbell!!! Will it be Nasa?


Bruce Jenner? Is that you?


I have to take my leave now…..

Thank you for reading.



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